SL60W Loader

Warranty : 12months
Port : Qingdao port
Place of Origin : Zhengzhou


SL60W Loader is a high power,high efficient and energy saving product developed by our company using the latest technology and modern design method.The whole machine adopts hydraulic transmission,hydraulic control technology, advanced and reasonable structure, reliable quality.Pilot hydraulic control, manipulation is more light, can greatly reduce labor intensity of the driver.Moderate wheelbase, high loading and unloading height is particularly suitable for mining,earthwork construction and other heavy load operating conditions.

1.Drive system power matching is good,stable movement,split structure,easy maintenance.

2.Steering system using advanced priority flow amplifier valve,turn light.

3.The key parts adopt imported high-pressure hose,heat and high pressure resistance,complete leak proof, reliable performance.

4.The working device is equipped with pilot operation, light and effort.

5.Double pipe driving brake, low voltage protection, to ensure the safety of operation.

6.It is equipped with a wide range of vision, sealing, noise isolation spacious cab, comfortable operation.


Model SL60W
Length × width × height (mm) 8692×3082×3548
Engine model Weichai WD10G240E21
Rated power/speed (kW/rpm)   175/2200
Operating weight (kg) 21000
Wheelbase (mm) 3400
Rated load (t) 6
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 3.5
Unloading Distance (mm) Standard Boom: 1200     Long Arm King Kong: 1270
Unloading height (mm) Standard Boom: 3322   Long Arm King Kong: 3755


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