SL Series Loader

Warranty : 12months
Port : Qingdao port
Place of Origin : Zhengzhou


The loader is a widely used earth and stone construction machinery of highway, railway , port and other construction project,which is mainly used for shoveling soil, gravel, lime, coal and other bulk materials.In the construction of roads, especially in high grade highways, the loaders are used for roadbed works such as filling and digging, asphalt mix and cement concrete field. The loader is one of the main models of earthwork construction in engineering construction because of the advantages of fast operation, high efficiency, good maneuverability and light operation.

1.Weichai Power configuration engine, low noise, low consumption, low pollution, can adapt to various working conditions.

2.The working hydraulic pressure adopts the mature double pump confluence technology, fast action, energy saving and high efficiency.

3.The structural components of the host are optimized by finite element method, the plate structure, the robot automatic welding, anti load, anti distortion, the whole machine is strong and compact, good stability.

4.Optimize the design of the work device,large rising power,strong lifting force, high unloading height.

5.The front and rear frame adopts the tapered roller bearing hinge structure,reliable and easy to maintain.

6.Integral, streamlined hood, modeling chic, hood side door large angle open, easy maintenance.


Model SL60W SL80W
Length × width × height (mm) 8692×3082×3548 9649×3340×3718
Engine model Weichai WD10G240E21 Weichai WD12G336E211
Rated power/speed (kW/rpm)   175/2200 247/2200
Operating weight (kg) 21000 29500
Wheelbase (mm) 3400l 3740
Rated load (t) 6 8
Standard Bucket Capacity (m3) 3.5 4.5
Unloading Distance (mm) Standard Boom: 1200   Long Arm King Kong: 1270 Standard Boom: 1426
Unloading height (mm) Standard Boom: 3322   Long Arm King Kong: 3755 Standard Boom: 3465


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