Dump truck is also called tipper truck, mainly used for engineering projects, for transporting dust, sand, rock etc, also used in mining and coal site. The truck adopt front mounted hydraulic lifting cylinder, stable rise, easy to operate, rear dumping type.

1. Dump truck engine, chassis and the structure of the bridge the same with generally truck.

2. Dump truck carriage is divided into the backward tilting(end dump) and side tilting(side dump), according to manipulating system to control the movement of the piston rod; backward tilting is common, push the piston rod to make car tilt, the carriage can stop in any need of inclined position, small number of two-way tilting.

3. The high pressure oil pass distributing valve, pipeline and go into the lifting hydraulic cylinder; bridge safety protection plate is in the front of carriage.

4. Engine drives hydraulic pump through the transmission and force device; fuel tank consists of fuel tank, hydraulic pump, distributing valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and tubing etc.

5. Trucks can be reset through its own gravity and hydraulic control.


Model Unit BST9400ZZXP
Overall dimension Length mm 9000/8800/8500/8200/8000
Width mm 2500/2550
Height mm 3200/3300/3400/3500/3800
Total weight kg 40000
Curb weight kg 4500/7300
Rated loading capacity kg 32500/32700
Wheelbase mm 4150/3950/3850+1310+1310
Axle number   3
Axle load kg -/24000
Max load of fifth wheel kg 16000
ABS /  yes
Front/rear overhang mm -/1400, -/1200, -/900
Approach/departure angle -/18, -/19, -/20
Rear wheel track mm 1840/1840/1840
No. of tires / 12
Tire specification / 11.00R20 12PR, 11.00-20 12PR, 12R22.5 12PR


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