JH5190THB-29 boom concrete pump is a classic product of medium and short boom pump truck. The pump truck pumping system hydraulic control for automatic reversing easier maintenance,strong pumping performance, better material absorption, wearing parts longer life. It adopts the first casting integrated valve group of the industry,through the internal flow channel optimization, the pressure loss is smaller, the energy saving effect is more significant. Main oil pump, boom pump, gear pump and other hydraulic components are superior in performance and high in reliability. It is mainly applicable to the construction of rural roads, high-speed rail and other projects.

1. Full hydraulic control system to improve speed of swing cylinder,reduce the impact of commutation, making the material continuity, the material evenly.
2. Arm frame adopts load sensitive proportional control system,so that the speed of running freely, the operation performance is excellent.
3. X type leg design occupies a small space, more stable and safe operation.
4. Standard emission design,more energy saving and environmental protection.
5. High cost performance,easy to help the construction side of a benefit.


JH5190THB- 29
Chassis Model FAW, Foton, Dongfeng
Emission standard Euro IV
Engine Dachai Yuchai
Engine power / speed 200p/2000rpm
Wheelbase 4800/5200/5600mm
Maximum travel speed 80km/h
 Vehicle close / far from the angle 24.6/15.6°
Tire specification 10.00R20 18 layer
Boom system Boom maximum vertical height 28.4m
Boom horizontal cloth radius 24.6m
Fabric depth 16.9m
Each arm rotation angle (°) 90/180/230/245
Turret rotation angle 90°
Front leg span distanceMM 5842
Rear leg span distanceMM 4050
Front and rear leg longitudinal distance MM 6177
Tail hose length 3000mm
Concrete pipe diameterMM 125
 Electrical control system Control power 24v
Control module PWM
Working voltage 24v
Hydraulic transmission system System working pressure 31.5Mpa
Main oil pump model A11VO190K3V140K3V180
Main oil pump displacement 190/140/180
Hydraulic tank volume 450L
Hydraulic oil cooling method Air cooling
Size & weight Total vehicle length (MM) 10010
Total vehicle width (MM) 2300
Total vehicle height (MM) 3610
Total vehicle mass (T) 18.5
Pumping system Maximum theoretical delivery capacity 80m³/h
Maximum concrete outlet pressure High pressure / low pressure 10.5
Conveyor cylinder inner diameter / stroke 200/1450
Max feeding height (MM) 1450
Hopper volume (m³) 0.65
Pumpable concrete collapsbillity 160-220
Allow maximum aggregate size (MM) 40
Lubrication method Centralized lubrication


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