Trailer pump is a kind of concrete machinery used for conveying and pouring concrete in the construction. Handa has developed a high performance concrete trailer pump after years of efforts. The pump is handsome in appearance, excellent options, advanced performance, especially considering the reliabe conveying performance. Advanced design and global procurement of spare parts make the product comparable to that of advanced foreign products, is especially suitable for a large number of concrete transfer operations of high-rise buildings. It is an ideal concrete conveying equipment for areas where the natural conditions are relatively poor and electricity is scarce.

1. Adopts automatic multi-point lubrication technology, one to one lubrication, better lubrication and effectively extend the service life of wearing parts.
2. High quality accessories, spare parts electronic checklists, accurate and efficient to choose, to avoid worries for you.
3. The main electrical products adopts Schneider, LG, to improve the reliability of electronic control system.  
4. High and low pressure key switch, switch at any time, no leakage, no pollution.
5. The whole hydraulic control reversing hydraulic system has the advantages of small impact and low noise, and improves the service life of the hydraulic pump and hydraulic valve.
6. The piston is made of imported materials and has excellent properties of hydrolysis resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance.


Model HBT60S-9-75 HBT60S-13-90
Theoretical concrete delivery (m³/ h) Low pressure 60 60
High pressure 36 36
Theoretical concrete delivery pressure (Mpa) Low pressure 5.7 7.6
High pressure 9 12.5
Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa) 26 31.5
  Motor speed (r/min) 1480 1480
Main oil pump Germany  Harvey/Rexroth, Japan Kawasaki
Main oil cylinder bore/rod diameter * stroke (mm) 125/80*1650 125/80*1650
Conveying cylinder diameter (mm) 200 200
Motor power (Kw) 75 90
Hydraulic tank volume (L)   500 500
Hopper volume (m³) 0.6 0.6
Machine weight (Kg) 5450 5500
Max. vertical conveying distance (m) 150 180
Max. horizontal conveying distance (m) 600 700


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